Nicoleta Iordache
Expert Psiholog & Psihoterapeut & Terapeut

Cal. Bogdăneștilor nr. 22, ap. 2 300392 Timișoara, Romania. Tel. Mobil (și Whats App): +40 723 51 20 25 E-mail:

Professional Experience and Competence - Summary

1994 - 2002, Medical Assistant - Generalist, Municipal Clinical Hospital, Timișoara, Romania;

2000 to present – Psychologist, Counselor, Psychoterapist, Expert in Psychology for the Court of Law;

2005 to 2016 - Expert in Psychology & Human Resources Manager in several projects with EU funding;

2005 to present – Trainer for Adult Education;

2002 to present - Owner of an Individual Practice in Psychology;

2015 to present - Psychological Expert for the Court of Law;

2018 to present – Co-Founder & Psychologist & Therapist at Clinica Naturell Ltd., Timisoara, Romania.

Other Specific skills: 

  • Bio-resonance and Electro-Bio-feedback Therapist with SCIO - Eductor and Oberon devices;
  • Techniques for stress reduction and mental training with the BrainLight System devices;
  • Therapist for health and stress reduction using Quantum devices.


Education & Training - Summary

1995 – 2000: West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, Psychology Specialization, Diploma - Psychologist;

2000 – 2006: The Society of Existential Analysis and Logotherapy - SAEL Romania & Gesellschaft fur Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse (GLE Wien), Diploma - Psychotherapist and Psychological Counselor;

2001 – 2002: West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, Department of Psychology, Master's Degree in Organizational and Management Psychology;

2003: The County Agency for Employment Timiş, Graduation Certificate - Inspector in Human Resources;

2005 (March) – present: Heartfulness (Sahaj Marg) Practitioner;

2007: Psiho Profil, Graduation Certificate - Human Resource Manager;

2009: I.T.C. ELINF - Specialization Trainer Course (authorized by the National Center for Adult Vocational Training - CNFPA) - Trainer;

2011 – 2013: ARONLP - Romanian Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming & EANLP - European Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Diploma - NLP Master Practitioner;

2013 – 2015: Institute of Forensic Psychology, Bucharest, Diploma - Psychologist specialized in Psychological Expertise and Clinical Psychology;

2015 – 2016: "Victor Babeș" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timișoara, Graduate Certificate of Neuroanatomy, Neuro-electro-physiology and Bio-feedback, Practitioner in bio-resonance applications with SCIO - EDUCTOR devices;

2016: Quantum Core Two Points Method, Practicing Quantum Core Two Points Method Level I - Founder;

2016 – 2017: The College of Psychologists and the Szondi Association of Romania, Projective Psycho-diagnosis, Unconscious Motivation in the Syndrome of Psychopathological Acts – Szondi Psychologist Practitioner;

2019: Quantum Core Two Points Method, Practicing Quantum Core Two Points Method Level II – Founder.

Certificates of free practice in the following fields of Psychology:

  • Psychological Expertise and Clinical Psychology; 
  • Psychological Counseling and Existential Analytical Psychotherapy; 
  • Applied Psychology in the field of national security and safety;
  • Transport Psychology;
  • Labor and Organizational Psychology.